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Top 3 Tenant Complaints And How To Deal With Them

Part of the responsibility of a property manager is addressing various tenant complaints. Regardless of the situation, knowing in advance what kind of complaints emerge – and how to deal with them – will improve landlords’ and property managers’ ability to address issues promptly.

Here are three of the most common tenant complaints that property managers deal with on a regular basis:


The Rental Isn’t Clean When Moving In

Even when a property has amazing tenants, chances are rare that a tenant moving out is going to leave the apartment completely spotless. There will be wear and tear in the apartment.  In other cases, there could be stains or dust build up that would require moving appliances around.

Regardless of the situation, as a landlord or property manager, it’s a good rule of thumb to have a cleaning service perform a deep clean after the old tenant leaves and before the new tenant moves in. Alternatively, a landlord or property manager can do this themselves.

Mitigating this issue before it becomes a complaint is key as it reflects on the professionalism of landlords and property managers alike.


Noise Complaints

Noise complaints are common and typically tenants sort these issues out amongst themselves. In other cases, a property manager may need to be involved; especially in cases where the one making the noise isn’t a tenant.

The key to solving this issue is to convey to tenants that the issue is being taken seriously and is being handled rapidly.


The Unit Needs New Paint

This can be tricky. On one hand, if the resident has been a tenant for a long time, the paint may be cracking in places. Furthermore, if a tenant is offering to do this, then this removes the expense of having to hire painters and buying paint.

On the other hand, the property that is being painted does not belong to the tenant who wants to paint the unit.

Dealing with this situation is tricky and occasionally, a compromise can be achieved. Perhaps the tenant is allowed to paint the unit upon move-in, or there is some restriction on the choice of colours, or the tenant is allowed to only paint certain areas.


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