Prince Property


If you need medical assistance or require the police or fire department, please dial your local emergency services at 9-1-1.

Maintenance Requests/Reporting

During regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM) call our office at 780-416-9098.
Maintenance Emergencies outside of office hours please call our maintenance emergency line at 780-686-8532. To be used in matters requiring immediate attention only.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

Emergency maintenance situations happen when you least expect it, and usually when you are the least prepared. Our immediate response to emergency maintenance situations can prevent excessive damages to your building and the individual units within.
Maintenance issues that would constitute an emergency could be as follows;

  • Water infiltration and flooding
  • Sewer backups
  • No heat in building
  • Broken windows in common area
  • Building doors/windows not secured
  • Parkade door not opening/closing
  • No power in common area
  • Elevator stuck

Phone Numbers

In case of a power outage please call Epcor at 780-412-4500

In case of water shutoff please call Epcor at 780-412-6800

Any acts of vandalism, damage to vehicles or common property please contact the Edmonton Police Service’s non emergency number at 780-423-4567

In order to maintain a fast and efficient response to all of our properties emergency maintenance needs, we ask that you do not call the maintenance line for any requests other than a Maintenance Emergency.

Examples of Non-Emergency Calls

Examples of non-emergency calls are as follows;

  • Noise Complaints – Please contact the local police
  • Disruptive residents and guests – Please contact the local police
  • Parking disputes
  • Locked out individual unit
  • Taps dripping
  • Burnt out bulbs
  • Arrangement of late payments
  • Any administrative requests

If at any time you have an emergency related to health, fire, or personal safety, please contact the appropriate emergency services department immediately using the 9-1-1 number in the Edmonton area