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Tips to Ensure Your Tenants Don’t Damage Your Property

The Wizard of Oz is a beloved film because most people can relate to the simple message that “there’s no place like home.” If the home is managed by a rental/tenant agreement, how a specific room is cared for can vary depending on whether you are the renter or the property owner.

Tenants aren’t always kind to their rental properties, whether via neglect, purposeful destruction, or simply a lack of concern for the cleanliness of their immediate surroundings. As a property owner, you want to avoid instances in which tenant negligence leads to major repairs later on. That could be a chore you delegate to the business in charge of your property upkeep.

Define What Tenants Are and Are Not Permitted to Do to Your Property

Some tenants are wonderful; they pay their bills on time, keep to themselves, and take good care of their rental. Other tenants are high maintenance, which could mean they’re always whining, causing problems with neighbours, or being chronically late with rent payments.

Tenants who want to contribute by starting their own improvements can sometimes be a problem. Making improvements without permission, whether it’s just repainting or full-scale room restorations, may be a huge concern for property owners, especially if the repairs are shoddily done or do not meet building laws and requirements.

A property maintenance company must give tenants clear and open guidelines on what they may and cannot do in terms of “improving” the property. A do-it-yourself plumber who wants to fix the leaky faucet instead of calling a landlord may give a property owner severe headaches by converting minor issues into major ones.

That is why it is the landlord’s and the building management company’s responsibility to stay on top of all property maintenance concerns and respond to tenants who demand repairs. Whether it’s cleaning the carpet or repairing stove elements that have burned out, tenants should be aware that any repairs and improvements must be brought to the landlord’s notice via property maintenance services staff.

A Bit of Prevention is Worth Your Time and Effort

There are professional tenants that cause property owners headaches by gaming the system, taking advantage of the Landlord-Tenant Act, profiting financially through unauthorized subletting, or even establishing unlawful Airbnb operations. Then there are renters who appear to be a nuisance because they are always reporting problems, yet they are actually assisting landlords.

A responsible property owner wants to guarantee that all rental apartments are adequately maintained, and tenants must have easy means to report complaints. They must also believe that repairs will be completed swiftly, or they will be driven to act and do things themselves. This could result in significant property damage.

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