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The Ultimate Condo Maintenance Guide For First Time Homeowner’s

Between being a tenant and a homeowner, being a condo owner is a middle ground option that many are attracted to. It has ample of convenience, however if this is your first time buying a condo or are thinking of buying one, there is a lot you need to know.

One of those details that’s important to note is how to handle maintenance. There is some maintenance that is covered by association dues that you pay of course, however, as a homeowner you are required to cover for all maintenance and repair needs of the specific unit you’re in.

To ensure that your condo is in the best possible shape, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay on top of the maintenance.


Have A Routine For Cleaning Fixtures

Whenever cleaning is involved, it’s smart to have a consistent routine in place of course. But you’ll want to have one for fixtures and filters. Fixtures slowly build up dirt, mildew, amongst other buildup when it’s not addressed. Addressing that quickly or not even having to address it is best.

Cleaning filters is another aspect that’s good to be cleaning regularly. Replacing filters in HVAC units and appliances – like washing machines and dryers – will prevent any possible fire damage that can stem from them. On top of that, replacing filters could help you save on electricity since appliances will operate more effectively since air will be flowing more freely.


Checkup On The HVAC Systems

Condos are smaller than your standard home and so ventilation becomes more important. Your HVAC system is responsible for ventilating so if it breaks down in hotter or colder months, it can cause massive discomfort and financial strain too.

To prevent that scenario from happening, you should already be checking the system regularly as part of your routine for cleaning fixtures. This entails dusting the vents and keeping them clear of dust or debris and checking the filters.

But on top of that, you’ll want to be doing a checkup of the system every change of the season.


Note Inspection Dates

Similar to apartments, there are still inspection dates on your condo that are made. Mark them down as the inspection does cover important features inside such as appliances and fire and safety items like smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

Ensuring that these items are in good working order, do a periodical checking of these items and check them again before the inspection date too. Doing so can ensure you avoid the risk of getting fined.


Have A Plan For Emergencies

Whether it’s a fire or natural disaster, you’ll want to have some kind of plan in place for what to do in those events. It’s also advisable to have your condo insured so you’ll be financially stable in the case of a disaster striking.

You also want this plan to cover what actions you can take beyond evacuation. Having a plan on how to communicate to other condo owners and residents can help in situations where you need special assistance.


Have A Budget

When putting together a budget, it’s smart to be setting funds aside to deal with preventative maintenance procedures. Setting aside that money can be a huge help in the case of appliances breaking down or having to perform large repairs or replacements. These costs can happen at any time so the last thing you want is a sudden and expensive repair that eats into your savings.


Costly But Necessary

Keeping up with maintenance and cleaning a condo is a time-sink and can sometimes to be really expensive, but it’s a necessary cost in keeping a condo clean and pristine. However by keeping these tips in mind and following through with them, you’ll find that investing this time and money into your condo will pay off with huge dividends long-term.

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