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Tips to Soundproof Your Condo

Condos provide a good medium for living space. They’re not as large as a house, but still provide a good space for tenants to do all kinds of things. However, by their nature, condos are all close together and are in large groups. As a result, things like noise can be particularly disruptive.

It can be annoying if tenants have to deal with loud neighbours or others who undertake projects or hobbies that create a lot of noise.

Here are some tips to soundproof condo walls.

Install Sound Barriers

One choice is sound barriers. However, there is a catch with this method. It’s the most expensive option. In fact, any dedicated soundproofing equipment can be very expensive to install and can result in having to modify the condo as well.

This would require additional steps as tenants would need to check with the landlord and/or Condo association first before undertaking this project.

Add More Drywall

On the other hand, adding more drywall is another option and one of the simplest to consider. Thicker walls will be able to absorb more sound. This option is more cost effective; however, using denser materials may not completely reduce the risk of vibrations still travelling through the walls.

Use Decoupling

This involves separating two sections of the wall in order to make it tougher for sound to pass through. The easiest way to do this is putting a new layer of drywall but to leave a gap between it and the original wall.

This method can be further effective by filling the gap with insulation foam, effectively adding a third layer that sound would have to travel through.


This is used to reduce the amount of vibration that travels through a wall. All that is needed is a dense and absorbent material added to the walls. This could be insulation foam or using a product like Green Glue. Green glue is a very cost-effective material and can do wonders in soundproofing a condo without adding any additional space.

Audioseal Sound Barriers

Audioseal is a brand, however the product is produced by several other companies too. Regardless, Audioseal is the best on the market and so this could be a wise investment.

The product is made from mass loaded vinyl and comes in a roll. Although it’s very thin, it does an incredible job in adding an extra layer of soundproofing. Also note the product is very heavy, so tenants should have the proper equipment to install it.

Audioseal shines best when it’s applied directly on drywall. It comes black as standard so it would be best to install drywall over it and refinish the wall.

Wall Hangings

As the other methods above suggest, heavy or dense materials are what will block out sound the most. The most effective materials are concrete, brick, or vinyl. However other items hanging on the wall can have similar effects.

Things like furniture, pictures, figures, curtains, and posters can block off sound to some degree as well.

Audio Blankets

Alternatively, audio blankets are another option. These are flexible materials that can be hung over walls or windows. These blankets often have quilted fiberglass that absorbs sound and serves as a dense material too.

However, these are expensive as they are a specialized product. And they’re not very attractive.

Soundproof Curtains

It could be worthwhile to invest in thick, heavy drapes. Not only will they have several layers of fabric blocking out sunlight, but they can block out sound and still look good.

Fit Carpets

If the condo flooring is hardwood, then the floor itself will create a lot of noise so carpeting and rugs work well. The more carpets and rugs in the condo, the more soundproof the condo will be.

Flooring Underlays

Another cost-effective option is floor underlays. This material isn’t designed to handle soundproofing but it’s like the idea of carpets and rugs — the more layers there are, the more soundproofing there is.

Floor underlays are easy to find online and installing them is simple. For the best flooring underlay, it’s ideal to look for thick or dense material. Mass loaded vinyl is an ideal product for flooring underlays.

Acoustic Door Seals

As the name suggests, this product minimizes the gaps around doors. Good acoustic door seal kits will have:

  • Jamb seals
  • Threshold seals
  • And a seal for the bottom of the door

When installing door seals, ensure the door can still fit in the frame once the seal is installed.

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