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Fall Seasonal Maintenance for your Condo

With fall being on the horizon and winter fast approaching, there are some perks to living in a condo. No worries over raking leaves and no shoveling! There is even underground heated parking too which is a delight.

But even though tenants don’t have to worry about those particular duties, there is still some maintenance that tenants should be doing for fall and the oncoming winter season. Here are some things to consider:

Check For Weather Stripping On Windows And Doors

Weather stripping seals break down over time so it’s the tenants responsibility to ensure the weather stripping seals are tight and aren’t letting in air or water. If there are any gaps of light coming through, this means there is air leaking in which can be detrimental during the winter.

Carefully examine the weather stripping and replace it to prevent an increase in the heating costs.

Turn Off The Air Conditioning And Cover It

As soon as the temperature begins to cool down, it’s essential to turn off the air conditioning. Ideally, uninstalling the air conditioner and placing it in storage for the fall or winter is best, but if that’s not possible, covering the air conditioner will protect it from the elements and keep it in working order for next summer.

Check Smoke And Fire Alarms

Fall is the ideal time to test smoke and fire alarms. Run a simple test by pressing the test button. Also note that the batteries in the smoke detector should be changed once every six months.

Store Or Cover Patio Furniture On The Balcony

Similar to the air conditioner, covering the furniture is fine, but if it’s possible, bring the furniture inside to ensure it stays in good condition for next summer.

Deep Clean The Kitchen

The kitchen is likely the most common area of the condo so staying on top of cleaning is a given. However, it’s also wise to do a deep clean of the area at various points in time. The Fall season is ideal for that.

This is an opportunity to get rid of grease and reduce the risk of a fire. Some areas to focus on are the stove and range hood.

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