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7 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Condo

Summer has arrived and while it may be tempting to go to a fully air-conditioned mall or take a trip to the beach, staying cool at home is what’s really important in surviving the season’s heat. Here are some simple housekeeping checklist items that every condo owner should go through.

By following through with these tips, owners can remain cool and avoid a meltdown!

Remember Room Size And Air Conditioning Unit

Before questioning why a room isn’t getting cold enough, keep in mind the size of the condo and the amount of power an AC unit needs. Typically, with small window-type units, they run at .5 horsepower and are ideal for rooms within the range of 30-50 sqm. Rooms at 100 sqm will need larger units or an inverter.

Deep Clean The Interior

Spring and summer cleaning can be challenging as condo owners tackle the pile up of dust on the furniture and baseboards. There are also the carpets, and plenty of other cleaning chores that get piled on during this time too.

Keeping a routine cleaning schedule can ensure things don’t get out of hand; however, paying for a deep cleaning service can be a good way to keep things neat for longer and avoid having to do everything in the heat.

Have Insulated Curtains

A great AC unit and some insulated curtains makes it ideal for good temperatures indoors. Insulated curtains are helpful in that they absorb a lot of heat and prevent the heat from entering the room. They will also dim the harsh summer sunlight in the process too.

Have Greenery

Greenery lifts people’s moods, and plants can also provide other benefits too. When it comes to heat, they will absorb it. They will also circulate more oxygen which will counter the dry air quality. Having enough plants can even combat the everyday pollutants of the city too!

Get The AC Unit Inspected And Cleaned

During the summer, the AC unit will be on for hours so it’s important that unit is able to handle the load. One way to know for certain is to have it inspected and cleaned by a professional. This will also ensure it releases cooler air, avoids overheating, and can run a longer lifespan.

Reduce Light Use

Since summer has early mornings and longer days, it would be a great opportunity to leverage the natural light and reduce the use of additional lighting indoors. This will also work favorably for the AC unit – or any fans – as electricity isn’t being split between multiple devices.

Stay On Top Of the Plumbing Too

Aside from staying cool with the AC, another alternative is taking a cold shower or bath. Make sure your plumbing fixtures are in order and get a professional to inspect them.

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