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Interested in a Career in Property Management?

The housing market in Canada is in a surge right now with the cost of owning a home steadily increasing day by day. As troubling as that may be for some, we encourage you to look at this as an opportunity. More specifically there are several jobs in the real estate market that are available. This includes the work that we do – property management.

From joining a firm to forming one, there are several reasons to consider being involved in property management. Even for those not too familiar with what the job entails, this article should serve as a general overview of the industry and what a career in property management would look like.


Helping Out Landlords & Tenants Significantly

The biggest perk is the ability to be helping others. In the case of a property manager, it is helping landlords directly as they can ease many landlord duties. The biggest help is through fielding calls from tenants.

Without a property manager, many landlords sacrifice their evenings, weekends and vacation time to ensure tenants are being looked after. Property managers remove that entirely by assuring that when a tenant has a problem, the property manager is there for them.


They Maintain The Property

Repair requests also go through property managers who already have an extensive and established network that they can turn to. Property managers are incredibly resourceful and can handle anything from general wear and tear to damaged property, natural disaster damages, or plumbing issues.

People want to be living somewhere that’s safe and maintained, and property managers can easily help with that. This is crucial as slum landlords that ignore tenant requests often end up having poor tenants.


Finding the Right Tenants

Property managers also do tenant screening on behalf of landlords too. This is most important because finding A+ tenants is a time-consuming process. It is well worth the effort as great tenants will pay on time, respect the property, and make any calls in a timely manner when necessary. Landlords can rest easy knowing that the search for great tenants can be done by a property manager.



Property managers are familiar with the cities they work in. This is necessary to ensure landlords yield the maximum profits from properties.

Of course, no experience is needed to join this industry. There are many ex-agents who have not left the industry for good! As demand continues to increase over time, there are endless possibilities to learn the ins and outs of the property management field.


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