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How To Make Condos Electric Vehicle Friendly By 2035

At the end of June, the federal Minister of transport stated that Canada is setting a mandatory target for all vehicles to have zero-emissions by 2035. This is a jump from the target they set, which was for 2040.

In order for the government to meet that objective, their previous plan was to meet the following targets:

  • 10% of new vehicles being zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) by 2025;
  • 30% by 2030; and,
  • 100% by 2040.

With the goal changing, these interim targets are going to change.

But what is clear right now is that ZEVs are going to be used more frequently within the next decade and companies will need to adapt and address those needs.

How To Make Condos ZEV Friendly

To condos this new change amounts to installing an EV charging station within the condo itself. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds as there were regulations set in 2018 that outline and facilitate the installation process.

The installation process comes down to one of the two distinct scenarios to occur:

  • A corporation installing the charging stations themselves; Or,
  • A condo owner proposes to install the station themselves.

There is technically a third scenario which is favoured over those options: a mixture of both scenarios. This is a more appealing option as EV charging stations are costly and complex in installing.

In this third scenario, a corporation will oversee the installation with the owners taking responsibility and cost of the installation itself.

However if that option doesn’t appeal to you, you can consider the other two options.

Corporation Handling The Installation

If the hybrid option isn’t appealing, a corporation can “unilaterally” install a charging station. The corporation will be able to provide a 60-day notice to the owners if these two conditions are met:

  • The cost of installing is less than 1% of the annual budgeted common expenses for the current year; and,
  • The board believes that installing the charging station won’t cause a material reduction or remove the use or enjoyment of the affected units or of common elements or assets of the business.

If both conditions are met, the board can offer a 60 day notice and after that point can begin installing. The owner themselves has no vote on the matter.

In the event that one of those conditions isn’t met, the corporation can still install the charging station but has to follow a new procedure. The corporation will state its intention to the owner and inform them they have a right to requisition a meeting so they can vote on the issue.

The corporation can proceed from the point if:

  • A meeting is never requisitioned;
  • Quorum isn’t met when a meeting is called; or,
  • The majority of the vote in that meeting is in favour of the proposed installation.

Owners Handling The Installation

On the other side, the installation process can be undertaken by owners themselves. The 2018 regulations outline a whole process for owners to apply and have an EV charging station installed.

This process goes as follows:

  • Owners will first apply in writing. The form will provide the costs, a drawing of the station on the condo, specifications or information that relate to installing. The corporation is required to cooperate and provide as soon as possible any required information, permission or authorization required for owners to put together the application as well.
  • Once the writing is submitted, the corporation has 60 days to respond. Time frame can be extended upon consent too – a practice that isn’t rejected often.
  • Lastly, the owner and corporation receive 90 days to enter a Section 98 agreement that outlines who is responsible for installing, maintaining, insuring and repairing along with who owns it and who can use it.

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