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Holiday Season Do’s and Don’ts for Condo Owners

December is here at last and with it comes decorations and holiday cheer. While it’s a great time of the year, condo owners should be aware of some simple do’s and don’ts when living in a condo.

Do Brush Up On The Bylaws

Naturally with the holidays, owners can be tempted to hang lights on the balcony or hang a wreath on the door. As much as these are family traditions, it’s important to ensure that the bylaws do allow owners to hang lights and wreaths.

Each complex has their own set of unique rules and guidelines and it’s important to know that doing these activities doesn’t break any of them.

Don’t Get A Live Christmas Tree

Due to safety concerns, a lot of condo units have restrictions on live Christmas trees. Not only are they a fire hazard, but the pines can create a huge mess in the common spaces. The last thing other owners want to deal with is dried needles and trees being dragged down hallways.

Even disposing of them can be massive hassles that most complexes will want to avoid.

If the complex does allow a live tree, remember to buy a fresh one and to keep the base of the trunk in water. Also keep the tree away from any fireplaces, heaters, and candles.

Do Be Smart About The Lights

When getting Christmas lights, it’s better to get LED lights. These are energy efficient lights and they also don’t overheat. It’s also wise to not have the lights plugged in at all times. Unplug the lights when leaving the house to give them a chance to cool down.

If hanging lights are allowed on the balcony, ensure they are secured properly and avoid any chances of the lights falling or coming loose.

Don’t Leave Candles On Their Own

Scented candles are great and fill the air with nice smells. They can instill nice and cozy feelings too. However, when left unattended, they could be fire starters if they are near flammable objects – like a Christmas tree.

The other thing to note is that smells travel so if neighbours are sensitive to smells, it’s important to not go overboard with the scented candles.

Do Be Mindful Of Christmas Songs

Not that there are issues with particular Christmas songs, but some neighbours really don’t want to hear Christmas tunes blasting throughout the entire day. Condo walls are not the best at absorbing sound, and some will want peace and quiet.

Do Check About Decorating The Front Door

Even though it’s tempting, the front door is normally considered common property – just like the balcony. Before doing anything, make sure to check if it’s allowed to hang wreaths or other festive things on the door.

Do Remember The Time Frame

Although many want the festive season to continue, keep in mind condo complexes do have restrictions on how long Christmas decorations are allowed to stay up. Usually, they allow them starting in October and ending in March. Regardless, be sure to check what the limit is to ensure they are taken down at a reasonable time.

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