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4 Things To Know About Pet-Ownership In Condos

Pet ownership these days is important to many residents. When looking for a new condo or apartment, one big factor is determining whether pets are allowed or not. In most cases, your condo is likely open to pets and your residents have nothing to worry about. That being said, there are

some key things that your residents should know about pet ownership. Keeping in mind these things and passing them along to residents can ensure compliance and the safety of residents.

You Have Condo Conditions

When residents are making the transition to condos, many residents aren’t always aware of the changes that are made. Make sure that you have a pet policy in place and that residents are aware of the rules.

Not only is this a good way to build up trust with residents, but also mentioning them shouldn’t be a big problem either. Alberta’s condo bylaws have certain restrictions and conditions regarding animals and animal care already.

Even if the condo rules are restrictions in the size, type, and number of animals, you still want residents to know. Being aware of the rules ensures they comply and are also aware of what steps can be taken if they fail to comply.

Bylaws Are Superior

In terms of legal weight, bylaws take precedence over anything that’s mentioned in the lease. While it’s encouraged that condo bylaws are to be respected, they’ll need to be aligned with the lease agreements themselves. When you are writing up a lease or updating it, you’ll want to make sure that what you are enforcing is aligned with the lease and the bylaws overall.

The reason to keep this in mind is that while a lease is a legally binding agreement between two parties, a bylaw is created and enforced by the condo corporation and is applicable to all units and unit holders. You’ll want a copy of the condo bylaws on you, but also to pass them along to residents as well.

Remind Residents Regular Rules Still Apply

While there are rules that don’t apply specifically to condos, it’s important for residents to be in compliance with other rules and regulations. Every municipality has bylaws that apply to all public and private property with some being consistent regardless of where you go. Some of these particular rules involve barking and other noises, removing messes from public and private property as well as fines for not having a pet license.

Licensing Is Required

On the note of pet licenses, this is something that’s required by pet owners. Due in part to the Calgary’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. No matter what type of home residents are in, they need to comply with that bylaw.

Even if most residents are very familiar with this bylaw, it’s important for you to remind them of it and to also outline the key details of this bylaw. Why you want to do this is because each municipality is different with regards to getting a pet license as well as renewal requirements around that.

On top of that, you’ll want to encourage residents to stay on top of renewing their pet-ownership license if they have one as it’ll save them a lot of headaches in the future. The last thing a resident wants to deal with is having their pet removed due to failure to renew the license and a neighbour complaining.

Be Prepared For The Transition

For many residents, they could be taking the first step into living into a condo. With this in mind, reminding residents of what to be expecting can allow them to have a smoother transition for themselves. Furthermore it makes for a smoother transition for their pet as well.

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