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4 Things To Do To Maintain Your Condo During Spring

When spring rolls around, spring cleaning also takes a massive precedence in households. Depending on how messy your condo has gotten over the winter time, spring cleaning can either be easy or a nightmare. Nevertheless, it’s important to be keeping your condo clean and staying on top of it.

However in spring time, there are a few other things you should be doing for spring cleaning. We’ve assembled them into some easy tips and by doing them, you’ll be even more ready for the warm weather.

Clean The Tracks Of The Balcony

If you’ve got a balcony, you’ll notice at the edge of it there is a finishing strip of metal. Each spring, you’ll want to be checking that strip from now on and make sure that it’s clean. Doing so is smart because if there is any debris that’s lodged between the balcony door and that metal threshold then it can lead to water entering into your suite. By cleaning it up, you’ll ensure it drains away from your home and never entering.

Check Your Windows

It’s not rare for people to crank their awning windows open or closed however some people do it too hard and too much that those awnings start to become “stripped” similar to a bolt. All of this culminates in the arm of these windows (the metal piece that holds the window up) will start to get loose.

What this results in is that while you may be able to open your windows just fine, closing them will be impossible. And you don’t want to be discovering that in the middle of a rainstorm as water pours into your home.

So check these windows and if you do experience that, contact your Property Management office who will make arrangements to repair it, at your cost.

Check And Reset Your GFCI

To test the reset button of your GFCI:

  • Press the TEST button.
  • From there, the RESET button should appear.
  • After you’ve reset, you can then restore power by pushing the RESET button firmly into the device until an audible click is heard.

If the RESET button doesn’t pop up at all, call a qualified electrician and schedule an appointment. Avoid using the GFCI until a licensed professional has looked at it.

Fan Coil Filters

Generally speaking, fan coil filters should be changed every 3 months however this will vary from person to person. If you smoke, have pets, or have environmental sensitivities, replacing them more frequently would be smarter as well.

All in all, make sure that these filters are getting changed often and to not neglect checking up on them during your spring cleaning.

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