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5 Ways To Build A Condo Community

Moving inWhether you’re moving into a condo yourself or you are planning to raise a family in a condo, one of the biggest gripes you’ll hear from people is the lack of community or the lack of space there is do activities. These along with a few other issues can make condos feel difficult to live in.

But despite all of these issues, these are all very manageable problems to address. We believe that you can build a strong condo community, provided that you are willing to put in the effort. Even during these times where we are encouraged to stay inside and practice social distancing.

Below are some ideas and tips of what you can do to build a condo community.

Provide A Gathering Spot

The first thing is providing a simple gathering area. You want to be thinking bigger than the building or an area on the property. Consider local landmarks that make it easy for kids, parents, and other people to gather with not too many complications in terms of transportation. Examples are parks, a local café or a restaurant.

Being Transparent

Honesty is the best policy to have. When it comes to building community in condos, the idea is allow your residents to have a voice. If they have an idea for something fun or a way to bring people together, don’t dismiss it. Consider it seriously before deciding to act on it or not.

All of this fosters a strong relationship with your tenants and introduces norms into the community. If new tenants know they can approach you with ideas, they’ll be more encouraged to do that.

Planning Events

We believe this is a separate thing to providing a gathering area since events usually take more planning than picking a local spot. Events are great ways to bring people together and to identify common interests with people.

The start to any connection is of course finding a common ground. By providing events like meet and greets or doing something specific like game nights, people can form connections and create a sense of community from that.

Encouraging Residents To Volunteer

Volunteer work is a way to ensure residents are contributing to something without feeling like it’s forced upon them. Things like being able to sit down to a board or committee meeting or volunteering around the area once in a while can be nice.

Keeping Residents Informed

If you want condo communities to thrive, you’ll need to provide regular community updates and talk about what’s happening around town. Even though there might not be much right now from this pandemic, keeping people informed creates that sense of community. That there is a world out there beyond the walls of the condo.

Building A Condo Community

Building a condo community for your tenants is a bit tricky. You have to play a little matchmaker in this sense. However this can pay dividends for you as it ensures happier tenants and tenants who may not want to move or stay for longer periods of time.

On top of all that, you can also ask for your board’s help on ideas or support which will be of great benefit to you.

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