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Easy Edmonton and Region Condominium Management

At Prince Property we’re the perfect partner for Condominium Boards looking to make a change.  Our business can support properties with up to 1000 doors and does so in a personal, tailored way, to ensure transparency and provide thoughtful communication. Our team has expertise in maintenance, management, and financial service to ensure that your board has the tools necessary to serve residents faithfully.

Our extensive experience with both single and multi family income properties gives us a unique perspective that enhances our ability to solve any problems at your property, and prevents new problems from arising. We are a primarily family owned and operated business, which helps keep our Mission and Values strong while serving our client needs.

We’re currently accepting new properties. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your property and evaluate the arrangement that works for your Board.

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Fiscal Planning and Records

We’re focused on providing exceptional control and coordination of annual operating expenses for our client properties.  With financial experts in house, and a full grasp of the Legislative expectations of condominiums – we’re able to provide accuracy and efficiency while ensuring that costs are transparent and that the board and owners have visibility to the contributions required to cover expenses.

Site and Unit Maintenance

With resources for maintenance, and a long history working with contractors, our Site Management capabilities remove the guesswork faced by boards for day to day needs.  Our history in the construction industry also provides us skills working with third party contractors, and managing the costs of that maintenance without placing undue burden on board members – who are often simply residents and owners thrust into management of the property.

Condominium Information Packages

For more detailed information about our condominium services please download our Client Services Package here.


Administrative and Board Participation

Often – Board Operations can lose focus or drive into rabbit holes that hinder the business of Condo Operations.  We offer the capability to attend and support board operations through active participation, allowing boards to focus on key issues, needs and decision making. Our expertise in the hands on Fiscal and day to day Site Management provide a single point of contact, and execution bringing the complex management of a site into a simple, efficient, and transparent operation.


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